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– Bok bok


  • Startup Phase: Lean Model Canvas, Customer Journey, Minimum Viable Product, Team Selection, Pitch Deck, Business Plan, Marketing, Strategy, Platform, and Technical
  • Growth Phase: Expansion, Employees, Support Systems

Web & Mobile

  • Requirements, Design, Development, Launch, Maintenance, and Reporting

Consumer, Advertising, and Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

  • Brand Recognition and Consumer, Advertiser, or Affiliate Marketing Promotions

Custom Product Development

  • Physical and Digital Product Conceptualization, Design, Development, and Production

Software and Systems

  • Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification, and Maintenance

Gig Work

  • High C-Level Executive Admin Work, Agency Work, Project Management, House Sitting, Pet Sitting, Purging, Downsizing, and Organizing.


  • Digital anything, Online Communities, MMORPGs, PVP, Pomeranians, RV Renovations, Travel, Central Coast of California, DC Beltway, Emergency Preparedness Information, Sheep/Lambing, Chickens/Eggs, Dahlias, Sewing, Crochet, Cross Stitch, and Fishing.

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