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I’ve been an entrepreneur and a business consultant to entrepreneurs and small business owners for years. I created this site, its processes, and its systems to reduce or eliminate the common reasons I’ve observed for failure in entrepreneurship for women.

Ideal Founding Members

Women who are, or want to be, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Their chosen and invited colleagues who are actively anti-racist and love spaces where Black Women are centered, safe, and supported.

Agree with all statements on the home page and the overall thinking those statements represent.

At any stage of entrepreneurship, from unknown, to idea, to startup, to launch, to growth.

Online or digital businesses are ideal.

More of this is covered in the “Before You Proceed” course that is required before you… proceed with your Membership to this site. =)

Levels of Membership

For full details, please visit Membership. For the short version:

Free – Do Stuff Member
Includes: Courses. Assessments. Groups. Focus Area Groups. Free and Low-Cost Courses, Digital Products, Challenges, and Events.

$97 – Do Stuff VIP
Includes: Above + most solutions, and the content will be made directly for VIPs as they need them. Direct access to Lorelei.

Social Wellness Site

This is a social wellness site.

It’s social because we have the same functionality as social media platforms: profile pages, connections, activity feed, groups, discussion forums, and like, comment, and share.

It’s wellness because we use courses and assessments, set meaningful goals, and participate in focus groups around the Wellness Wheel. The Wellness Wheel is an 8-section wheel covering all aspects of life. We use the results of the Wellness Wheel Assessment to set individualized goals to improve our overall well-being in our personal, professional, and community lives.

We have a productivity process and offer solo and group accountability options through the site’s social areas to help ensure action is being taken and well-being goals are reached.

In focus area groups, members will find the resources and support with others working on goals in the same area.

How We Do Stuff – Do Stuff Process

The Do Stuff Process combines a few known productivity tools into a process we can follow daily.

Do Stuff Process:

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Set Goals
  3. Make Informed Decisions
  4. Set Timers and Take Action
  5. Celebrate Accomplishments

Below I will provide more information on numbers 2-4.

Five courses help members learn how to apply this daily process.

2. Set Goals:

How We Choose The Stuff To Do

To set goals, we use the Wellness Wheel, an 8-area wheel used to determine an individual’s well-being.

wellness wheel for

Wellness Wheel Areas

Emotional – Your Brain

Physical – Your Body

Occupational – Your Passion

Financial – Your Money

Environmental – Your Spaces

Social – Your Support

Intellectual – Your Mind

Spiritual – Your Being

The Wellness Wheel Course helps members learn about the Wellness Wheel and how we use it on the site. The final quiz is the Wellness Wheel Assessment. It is 56 questions, seven questions for each of the eight areas, randomly displayed like this:

Once complete, members will have access to their results.

3. Make Informed Decisions:

How We Choose How We’re Going To Do Stuff

Once members have completed the Wellness Wheel Assessment and have their results, they are added to two types of social groups.

SOCIAL GROUPS: ALL SITE MEMBERS – Wellness Wheel Main Groups

Each Wellness Wheel Area has a main group where all site members can discuss that area.


Each Wellness Wheel will have several Focus Area Groups and Discussion Forums. Members will be placed in TWO Focus Areas where they have set their goals. Other Members in these Focus Area Groups will also work on goals.

When members complete their goals, they can re-take the assessment and be moved to another Wellness Wheel Focus Area.

4. Take Action:

How We Get Stuff Done

On the site, we will offer Free and Low-Cost:


DIY Accountability

Accountability Groups



Digital Products

and Events

Offerings for the site will be created based on the need of VIPs and the focus groups to support them in achieving their goals.

If the above sounds like something that would work for you, let’s get together and do stuff!

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