BLACK LIVES MATTER. Systemic racism exists. White privilege is real. ‘blue lives’ do not exist. Using the United States of America flag to represent any one group or profession is anti-patriotic. Abortion is healthcare. Love is love. Religion is a personal practice. The climate crisis is true. COVID-19 is not over and is and will continue to be a mass-disabling global event. All of our U.S. systems – Social, Political, Education, Religion, Medical, and Military are going through tremendous exposure, changes, and potential collapse. If you do not believe these things, this is not the place for you.

This is an invite-only
online social wellness community for

Black Women and
Indigenous Women (North America)

who are or want to be entrepreneurs and small business owners in the United States.

This community includes courses, learning groups, focus area groups, discussion forums, productivity tools, and support for Black Women and Indigenous Women entrepreneurs in their personal, professional, and community lives.

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