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Who We Are

This is the website disclaimer for updated on November 22, 2022.


Nothing on this site should be considered professional, licensed, or certified advice in legal, emotional, physical, occupational, financial, social, environmental, intellectual, or spiritual health or well-being.

No one on this site has the authority to provide those types of services or advice through this site. If you are being solicited for professional services or advice, please let us know immediately through the site or at

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What We Do

We provide a social site with the following features:


We write blog post opinions on topics such as Do Stuff, Wellness Wheel and the eight areas of wellness, and Capitalism.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links may be in posts, pages, or social aspects of the group. When used they will be clearly called out as an affiliate link via the footer on the page or, at times, something closer to the link.


We provide a social engagement platform on WordPress using a plugin called BuddyBoss. This provides our membership with a profile, connect with other members, be part of large and small social groups, participate in discussion forums, and comment, upload, like, and share posts.


We provide a learning management system using another plugin called LearnDash. This provides our members with access to free, closed, paid, and private learning groups and courses.

Assessment Quiz

A course about Wellness Wheel course and assessment quiz using a known tool used in public and social health systems.

Small and Large Groups

Wellness Wheel Assessment Quiz results are used to place members into small and large social groups if they have paid for that level of membership. Inside these groups is much like a Facebook group where people, seemingly around a common topic, come together to help each other with their own personal experiences and information. Use any information provided on this site at your own risk.

What We Don’t Do

We DO NOT provide any professional, licensed, lab, health, certification, special training information, or advice on ANY topic.

We DO NOT provide any courses, lessons, books, guides, printables, or downloadable that should be considered beyond entertainment unless stated otherwise on that course.

We have Members on this site who will participate in groups and provide their own personal opinion or advice on a matter.

Third-Party Content

This site may contain excerpts or links to third-party content, which we do not warrant, endorse, or assume liability for.